YuMe & IPG Lab Media Trial: Is the Tablet The Ultimate Video Viewing Device

IPG Lab teamed up with YuMe to measure tablet video viewing. In a media trial comparing the media consumption of 8,300 respondents across different devices (PC, Smartphone, Tablet), the study set out to examine the following:

  • Where and how tablet users view video
  • Which devices garner the greatest viewing attention
  • Which devices deliver the greatest ad effectiveness

The results proved that the tablet is an awareness machine – garnering the most attentive and undistracted audience that’s most likely to remember the brand ads seen. As traditional TV viewership continues to decline, tablets, in concert with other digital video platforms, are ready to assume the mantle as the next generation of TV.

See the infographic below for the full results:


YuMe_IPGMediaLabTablet_July 2013 copy 2