Showtime To Launch Standalone OTT Service In July

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The TV industry continues moving towards over-the-top streaming: on Wednesday, Showtime announced their plan to launch a long-awaited standalone subscription service. Simply named SHOWTIME, the service will officially launch in July exclusively on Apple devices for the initial three months—just like HBO did with HBO Now. Showtime, however, will undercut HBO’s streaming service with a monthly fee of $10.99, two-thirds of its archrival’s price.

In a statement issued today by CBS and Showtime, the new OTT service was described as another instance of the network “finding new ways to monetize [their] programming by capitalizing on opportunities presented by technology”. As the cord-cutting movement continues to gain momentum, demonstrated by the recent news that Comcast now has more Internet users than TV subscribers, all media owners need to follow where the audience is heading and make content available across platforms.