Google Starts Public Testing Of “Instant Apps”

What Happened
Google has started the initial live test of its “Instant Apps” product, which allows users to use an app without downloading it. This cloud-based product was first introduced last May at Google’s 2016 I/O event, and allows fast, temporary access to Android apps with just one click. Google says it is working with developers for a number of popular apps, including BuzzFeed, Periscope, fast-growing ecommerce app Wish, and Asian drama streaming app Viki, for this limited public test.

What Brands Need To Do
Google Instant Apps gives users the power of native apps with instant loading and without the usual commitment of download time and storage space, which could benefit many brands seeking to overcome the app-download hurdle and reach customers on mobile.

For example, an auto brand could use this product to drive potential buyers to a build-your-own feature that works better natively than as a website, and an entertainment brand could leverage this feature to reach more users with their in-app content. Since Instant Apps works with Android Pay, it supports frictionless payments and checkouts that will help retailers boost conversions.

Therefore, brands need to work with developers to break their branded apps into appropriate modules in order to enable this feature, as well as look for ways to convert Instant Apps users into habitual app users.


Source: TechCrunch