Feedair – File under: things we want for the lab

Our team spotted the Feedair Digital Ticker at CES and quickly decided it’s something we need to acquire for the lab as soon as it’s released in March.

The Feedair device, controlled via a free Android or iOS app, displays read outs of emails, tweets, or anything with an RSS feed.  According to Engadget, it is quite easy to set up the display.  Additionally, Feedair is looking to attract developers to design “vidgets” – visual widgets – to “expand the capacity of the gear”.

Sources: Engadget’s “Feedair Digital Ticker hands-on” ; feedair.com

Put that down, it’s not candy – it’s an NFC tag

Sony is showing off special Xperia branded NFC tags that work with an NFC-enabled Sony smartphone. The use case they describe is that when you’re walking into your office, setting your phone down on a tag affixed to your desk would automatically switch all your settings to office mode and disable your Justin Beiber ringtone. Also, the tags themselves look pretty.


Now You’re Just Projecting

At the Sony booth here at CES we got to see a demo of the Sony HDR-PJ710V Handycam Camcorder. What sets this camcorder apart is that it has a built-in projector in the viewfinder. You can review footage as normal, or shine it up against a wall, sizing the screen up to 100″. So after shooting your family vacation, you can get bulkhead seats on the plane home and share the memories with your fellow passengers.



CES 2012: The Verge Preview

CES Previews from popular tech sites continue, as The Verge (founded by the former Engadget managing editor team) released their preview last night.

The Verge anticipates:

  • A breakout year for Windows 7 phones (including the long awaited Nokia hardware)
  • A strong selection of Ultrabooks as the Windows environment looks to tap into the ultralight category to compete with the Apple MacBook Air line
  • Some new cameras, including the rise in popularity of the Micro 4/3 movement
  • More tablets, including a strong showing of tablets running Android ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Home Theatre technology, especially televisions running Google TV

Check it out in its entirety: CES 2012: The Verge Preview

Engadget’s CES 2012 Preview

Engadget has posted their preview for next week’s annual Consumer Electronic Show is Las Vegas. While various manufacturers are starting to leak their upcoming announcements, Engadget gives an overview on trends to watch while speculating on possible innovations in various categories.