AT&T Courts Outdoor Advertisers With Dynamic Data

What Happened
In a bid to provide out-of-home (OOH) advertisers with better data and targeting options, AT&T has teamed up with Clear Channel to provide outdoor advertisers with more dynamic data aggregated from its mobile users. The program is titled AT&T Data Patterns, which promises OOH advertisers the ability to learn the number of people who pass by a Clear Channel-owned billboard or outdoor display, as well as detailed demographic stats about that group of people using AT&T’s wireless service, such as gender, age range, ethnicity, and income range.

What Agencies Need To Do
With AT&T Data Patterns, marketers using Clear Channel’s OOH network will be able to better plan their campaigns and place more relevant ads with the enhanced audience data that AT&T now provides. Of course, not every pedestrian is using AT&T’s service, but given the telecom giant’s customer base of over 126 million wireless users, it should provide a sample size big enough for marketers and agencies to mine some actionable insights from.


Source: AdAge

On Trend: Car Radio Going Digital

Earlier this week, Clear Channel, the media company that owns most of America’s big broadcast radio stations, changed its name to iHeartMedia, after its fast-growing digital-radio platform iHeartRadio. This rebranding effort puts Internet-based radio front and center, which makes sense in today’s digital age, when digital newcomers like Pandora and Spotify are challenging radio’s relevancy.

The car is the last bastion of traditional broadcast radio because very few cars have access to the Internet. But that’s about to change, as more cars become connected to the Internet and more digital radio services become available. According to a recent study by Edison Research and Triton Digital, over a quarter of U.S. smartphone owners has streamed radio from their handsets in cars, a sharp increase from a mere 6% just 4 year ago.


In fact, the gradual shift towards Internet-based radio is so evident that even Sirius, the biggest subscription-based satellite radio operator, is reportedly eyeing the move to digital radio. Right now, Sirius heavily relies on their partnership with automakers to get their satellite-radio receivers installed in the cars. But that will have to change if it wishes to compete with the likes of Pandora, which can be easily accessed from mobile devices.

That being said, broadcast FM.AM car radio will probably hang around a bit longer, because it’s free, easy to use, and benefits from a strong broadcast signal. As Internet connectivity in the car improves, however, the trend towards digital radio dominance is basically inevitable.

Clear Channel Rolls Out 10,000 Mobile OOH Installations In UK

Out-Of-Home pioneers have a major opportunity with the rollout of 10,000 mobile outdoor installations from Clear Channel. The bus shelters and digital roadside panels come ready with NFC and QR capabilities in addition to social media integration and real-time creative updates.  The platform launches at high traffic locations in the UK at the start of 2013.