Jaguar Partners With Shell To Launch In-Car Payment App At U.K. Gas Stations

What Happened
Soon, Jaguar drivers in the U.K. will be able to pay for their gas refills without leaving their cars. The British auto maker announced on Wednesday that it is rolling out a “world’s first” in-car payment system that enables drivers to fuel up their vehicles and pay via the integrated Shell app on the car’s touchscreen dashboard.

Based on Shell’s existing “Fill Up & Go” payment app, the new integrated payment app uses location data to determine which gas station you are at and allows for one-tap authorization through a saved payment method. Jaguar will roll out the app via an over-the-air software update to select Jaguar models starting this week.

What Brands Need To Do
This partnership serves as one recent example of auto brands working to enhance driving experiences with connected services. As connected car technologies continue to mature, auto brands will need to seek out suitable technology and brand partners to build out the services enabled by in-car connectivity. For other brands, this represents new opportunities for them to reach customers behind the wheel and in the back seats by establishing an in-car touchpoint and integrating loyalty programs via similar partnerships.


Source: Engadget

Shell Remakes Branded Music Video Into Interactive Vertical Video For Snapchat

What Happened
Multinational energy giant Shell worked with six artists led by Jennifer Hudson and created a branded music video to promote its clean energy initiatives in October. Now, the company has retooled the video into a vertical format that is native to Snapchat, where it will run as Snap Ads throughout December. Shell also added some interactive elements to the music video, allowing viewers to swipe between the six artists as the video plays to create a personalized experience. They can also tap on the video to see additional animations explaining Shell’s #makethefuture energy ideas.

What Brands Should Do
This Shell’s campaign shows how brands can retool their existing branded content to better fit user behaviors on mobile platforms and therefore maximize engagement. As consumer attention shifts toward mobile and many driven to ad-blockers by the subpar digital ad experience, brands are finding it increasingly difficult to reach their desired audience via traditional media channels.Therefore, brands need to take a cue from this example and start to explore new forms of advertising, such as sponsored or branded content as well as native video ads, to circumvent consumers’ growing ad aversion and pique their interest.

For more information on how brands can leverage interesting branded content to earn consumer attention, check out the Ad Avoidance section of our Outlook 2016.


Source: AdWeek