Mozilla Discusses Native Ads

Mozilla has announced in a blog post that it is considering selling advertisements in its open-source browser as an additional revenue stream.  The ads would be placed on the new tab page, mixed with the panel of a user’s most-visited websites, which is the current new tab page content.  This is unique behavior for a company like Mozilla, but could hint at another form of native advertising particularly helpful for open source software companies.

Flipboard Comes To The Web

Flipboard, the popular magazine aggregator, announced its big jump to the web. Prompted by the success of its mobile programs, the company is launching full HTML5 versions of its magazines that will work in any browser – whether you’re on mobile or desktop. The company plans to bring articles into the mix in the next few months, with the full Flipboard experience coming to users around early 2014. Initially, Flipboard would have been a web app, but upon hearing about the iPad decided to bet on a tablet app instead. Flipboard CEO Mike McCue also spoke to the strategic timing of the move to the web, with the fall of Google Reader being a large factor in the decision to revisit the initial model. Whether it becomes the way forward for Internet news aggregation remains to be seen, but nevertheless a big player has entered the digital sphere of personalized content curation.