Instagram Now Supports Videos In Carousel Ads

What Happened
Instagram launched a clickable Carousel Ad unit over a year ago, allowing brands to showcase their products with three to five still images in a single promoted post. Now, brands can cram multiple videos into one Carousel Ad, as the company doubles down on its quest for video ad spending. Airbnb, Macy’s, and Taco Bell are among the first brands to try out the new multi-video format.

What Brands Need To Do
Following the steps of its parent company Facebook, Instagram has been making a strong push for video ads in recent months. It revamped its Explore tab to add “Recommended Video Feeds” last month to encourage more video views and extended the length limit of video ads to one minute in February. By allowing videos in Carousel Ads, Instagram enables brand advertisers to craft a narrative with multiple videos to engage with consumers without cluttering their timelines. For brands that wish to capture attention on Instagram with their video ads, this new update to Carousel Ads should come as a welcome addition.


Source: TechCrunch