• Chad Stoller

    Chad Stoller

    Global Chief Innovation Officer, UM

    Chad Stoller is the head boss of the Lab and also managed a little league tournament district champion team. He started off at the Arnell Group, where he spent an eternity “powerbranding” before moving to Organic.com, where he created an emerging platforms practice. Onward and upward to BBDO, Chad started a digital strategy group. With over 25 years of brand building experience, Chad really knows his stuff. Really. Except when it comes to sports. He’s a Mets fan.

  • Adam Simon

    Adam Simon

    SVP, Executive Director, Strategy

    Say hello to Adam Simon. This entrepreneur is passionate about over-the-top television, and the potential for new kinds of contextual computing enabled by smartphones, wearables, and the Internet of things. Fresh out of NYU’s cutting-edge Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), he founded Socialbomb in 2008, and worked with the likes of HBO, Red Bull, Technicolor, and the BBC building breakthrough mobile social software. Adam joins the Lab bringing innovative-driven solutions and a love for exercise. He once rode a bike 500 miles across Alaska, from Fairbanks to Anchorage. No joke.

  • Ben Hone

    Ben Hone

    Director, Client Services

    Meet our resident Scuba diver, Ben Hone. He knows all about the future of media and technology and has an unhealthy obsession with Dan Dan Noodles. Ben manages client engagement for the IPG Media Lab. He has scoured the startup landscape to identify emerging companies that leverage creative technology to solve various business objectives. Ben educates and advises clients on virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and other innovation trends.

  • Christina Adranly

    Christina Adranly

    Director, Strategy

    Christina is a strategist at the Lab, where she spots emerging trends in tech and media, and helps clients figure out innovation strategies. She was one of those precocious kids that never stopped asking her parents “why?”, a skill she’s translated into a knack for ideation, insight, and creativity. A proud native Northern Californian, Christina loves Y7 yoga, good burritos, and mountains.

  • Ella Barnett

    Ella Barnett

    Senior Associate, Strategy and Innovation

    As the Lab’s resident southern hemisphere-ite, Ella has hopped across the globe from Australia to join our strategy team. Armed with two social science degrees, she is fascinated by the interaction of culture, people and technology. (With one foot in the utopia camp and the other in dystopia, Ella is keen to understand how the future will play out.) When not head down in market research and innovation trend reports, she is probably binging Netflix shows and podcasts or singing along to the Hamilton soundtrack.

  • Josh Mallalieu

    Josh Mallalieu

    SVP, Group Director

    With more than 13 years building global strategies and integrated planning and buying practices at UM, Josh joined the Lab to help expedite clients’ exposure and adoption of innovative-driven solutions.  With a deep knowledge of the luxury and retail spaces, he also serves as a fashion consultant to anyone who will listen. He has a black belt in both snacking and power napping, and has been blessed to rep the D-A-D area code to sons Noah (8) and Jude (5), and daughter Emory (7).

  • Richard Yao

    Richard Yao

    Manager, Strategy & Content

    From Shanghai to NYU, with an M.A. in media study, and a passion for puns is Richard Yao. You’ll find him in the Lab curating content and writing original prose. Before coming to the Lab this young wordsmith worked in audience research for CBS. Richard’s quick wit and unassuming demeanor make him exceptionally good at “Cards Against Humanity.”

  • Ryan Miller

    Ryan Miller

    Manager, Partnerships

    After honing his expertise across various IPG Mediabrands agencies over the last half decade, Ryan decided to take his unique talents to the IPG Media Lab. A former journalist and corporate comms specialist, Ryan has a keen ability for storytelling, communication, and sifting through the noise to unlock unique opportunities for his clients; skills that will serve him well in his role as Partnerships Manager. When Ryan is not evaluating startups and meeting with potential partners, you can find him cheffing up the spoils of his garden and panicking over Arsenal results.

  • Scott Elchison

    Scott Elchison

    Manager, Partnerships

    Graduating from the University of Delaware with a B.S. in Marketing and love for all things technology, he started his career at Initiative getting schooled in the ways of broadcast television and digital media. Scott joined the Lab as our Partnership Scout, and if you want to know which companies are pushing the envelope in VR, AR, AI, or even burger flipping robots, Scott is your man. When he is not busy meeting with and vetting tech startups, you can find Scott skimboarding at the beach and listening to a few too many podcasts.

  • Sean Ahearn

    Sean Ahearn

    Senior Manager, Client Services

    As one of the more unconventional transplants to the Lab, Sean’s early career was spent in HR, where he honed his people skills by leading recruitment, employee relations, learning & development, and diversity-related efforts. At the Lab, Sean is re-tooling his expertise in project management, communication, and client services to support UM’s RedSnap brand, where he shepherds our ever-growing consultative programming. When he’s not keeping the train on the tracks, you might find him catching the latest Devil’s game or meandering around his hometown of Hoboken.

  • Kara Manatt

    Kara Manatt

    SVP, Intelligence Solution

    Meet the queen of advertising, Kara Manatt. She hails from the south, earning her BA from Arkansas Tech University. Yearning for a change she moved to San Francisco to get her MA in Social Psychology. She then landed at Dynamic Logic doing advertising research, and absolutely loved it. She’s been in advertising ever since including a stop at Yahoo AdLabs before coming to IPG. When she’s not analyzing advertising effectiveness you’ll find this dog-lover hanging out with her 150lb, disabled Mastiff.

  • Jonathan Jusczyk

    Jonathan Jusczyk

    Associate Director, Intelligence Solutions

    Jonathan Jusczyk hails from Warwick, RI and graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a BS in Physics and Mathematics. This avid outdoorsman uses the latest technology to turn seemingly complex problems into simple solutions. He ran the Data Analytics team at Dynamic Logic before moving on to a research position at Millward Brown working in CrossMedia research for 7 years. When he’s not making things better in the Lab, you might find this NH state certified firefighter and wildland firefighter, doing wilderness rescue for lost or injured hikers or saving lives. All in a days work.

  • Lena Phalen

    Lena Phalen

    Research Analyst, Intelligence Solution

    Meet Lena Phalen, research analyst extraordinaire and double bass player. She has mad quantitative and qualitative skills and she’s not afraid to use them. Passionate about data, technology and the great outdoors, Lena worked as a programmer and researcher for the Center for Elementary Math and Science Education (CEMSE) at The University of Chicago where she earned a BA in Public Policy. But don’t let her love for analytics and mathematical modeling fool you. When she’s not in the Lab, you’ll find her running around the city, hiking or climbing mountains. Yodelay-hee-hoo.

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