Amazon Launches New “Amazon Connect” Service To Transform Call Centers With A.I.

What Happened
Amazon has launched a new service on its Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform that aims to leverages its AI smarts to transform call centers. The new service, dubbed Amazon Connect, uses the same technology used by’s own customer service system to route and manage calls using speech recognition and artificial intelligence. This will allow callers to simply state their issues instead of having to listen to long lists of menu options and figure out which one is closest to what they need. The service works with existing AWS services such as DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift, or Amazon Aurora, as well as third-party CRM and analytics services.

What Brands Need To Do
This new service comes at a time when more and more companies are starting to experiment with AI-powered solutiAons in their business and marketing practices. In January, Toyota launched a campaign that is partially generated by IBM’s machine learning program Watson, and last month, H&R Block integrated Watson into its tax filing system to helping people maximize their tax returns. As AI and machine learning technologies continue to develop, brands need to explore the kind of enhanced customer service and product recommendations that AI-powered CRM solutions are set to bring.


Source: Business Wire