Seven billion right reasons

(iStock)This week Intel announced that it is investing $7 billion dollars to upgrade its existing facilities in New Mexico, Oregon and Arizona.

Intel’s President and CEO Paul Otellini said, “Intel will use the money to speed up deployment of Intel’s 32-nanometer manufacturing technology used to build faster, smaller, more energy efficient computer chips.”

Is this guy crazy? Intel spending all that money for chips?  We are smack in the middle of a deepening recession with aggregate consumption tumbling and this guy is shelling out $7 billion large ones?  Continue reading “Seven billion right reasons”

Intel challenges TVs to incorporate Internet

In making the case for Intel chips in TV sets, Eric Kim from Intel claimed that there was a consumer demand for “full internet” in their TVs. I’m not so sure about that.

The “full online experience” comes with expectations of user input that a TV just can’t match. Unless I can plug in a keyboard and mouse that fit conveniently on a lap board, surfing the web on my couch is going to be much easier to accomplish with a laptop. Which is exactly what people seem to do when multi-consuming content. The TV is a specialized device, and as such, is best to serve up a tailored experience.

LG seems to be on the right path with their announcement regarding NetflixInstant Queue availability built directly into the TV set. This is a feature that enhances the specialized function served by the TV. Continue reading “Intel challenges TVs to incorporate Internet”