MillerCoors Digital Ads Are Coming

MillerCoors is working towards significantly increasing its digital ad spending, and hopes to turn the Internet into a barroom – of sorts. The digital deals include data-triggered ads and customized content as part of a broad, 50% increase in digital video spending for the company. It’s a big sign that alcohol companies, who tend to stick to traditional mediums like TV, are starting to recognize the value of unique, digital advertising. The ultimate goal, of course, is to reach a younger audience that is increasingly having its conversations online – much like in the past when they attempted to inject themselves into bar-stool conversation via TV or radio ads. Having partnered with the likes of Spotify, AOL, Weather Company, Complex Media, and others, MillerCoors is putting a particular emphasis on experiential marketing, with ads that engage users in a new way. It’s a different tactic for the big alcohol company, but it’s a sign of the times: digital, experiential advertising is important, and is here to stay in the Internet age.