India Becomes Facebook’s Biggest Market

As far as the number of active users is concerned, India is pushing to overtake the U.S. as Facebook’s biggest market. As of march 31, there are over 100 million active users in the country, whose increasing population of mobile phone subscribers means that Facebook can aspire to get into those phones in the near future. Though India might become Facebook’s biggest market, getting money out of those users is always a challenge, as large user markets aren’t always the biggest drivers of revenue. That said, Facebook’s push to increase revenue in user markets outside of the US has yielded a revenue per user increase of $2.14, chiefly powered by 33% growth in Europe and 17% rise in Asia. And as access to the network continues to be dominated by mobile users globally, the push to break the 1 billion mark in India, in conjunction with smartphone use rise, means that Facebook will be focusing much of its ad spend – its lead driver of revenue – through mobile platforms and markets.