Innovation Annual is our yearly document tracking the progress of over dozens of innovation territories to provide you with a roadmap through all these challenges and growth opportunities.

Each year, we analyze over two dozen innovation territories that are most applicable to your business and your marketing efforts. Through our analysis, our global network of experts weighs in on what you need to know and why.

Innovation Annual

*IPG Mediabrands employees only

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Futurecaster is the Lab’s proprietary innovation tool that identifies how your audience is engaging with the tactical areas of innovation across emerging technologies and media channels.

Annually, in partnership with Dynata, we survey 2,500 smartphone owners aged 16-74, asking them about their awareness, past and planned usage, and perception of emerging technologies and media channels. That survey data is fused with our Acxiom data stack, allowing us to identify which tactical areas of innovation your audiences engage with.

Futurecaster Dashboard

*IPG Mediabrands employees only