Facebook Tweaks Ad Measurement To Focus On Clickthrough

Right after updating its video ad unit earlier this week, Facebook has continued its efforts to make its ad products more appealing by modifying its cost-per-click (CPC) algorithm to exclude the old engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and shares. Instead, the new CPC calculation will only track the actions directly related to certain ad objectives, such as clicks to visit a destination site or to install an app. This makes it easier for marketers to evaluate campaign performances and get a more precise view of the outcomes.


Source: Marketing Land

SteelHouse Slingshot Tackles Viewthroughs

Marketing tech startup SteelHouse announced the launch of a feature called slingshot that tackles the elusive metric of “viewthroughs,” or people who see and ad and are promoted to visit the advertisers website without clicking on the ad itself. The traditional measurement of “clickthroughs” doesn’t take these viewers into account and thus fails to fully determine an ad’s effectiveness. Even worse, though, is the tact that “viewthroughs” aren’t prioritized like “clickthroughs,” in the sense that the clickthroughs land on a custom page created for people who arrive through the ad, while viewthroughs will just enter through the homepage. SteelHouse claims to fix this problem by integrating their technology into both ads and websites – both from laptops and through mobile. Currently, the technology is limited to visitors who show up within an hour of seeing an ad; nonetheless a test with entertainment hardware company Creative Labs resulted in an 87% improvement in conversion, a 322% lift in overall revenue per visitor, and a 27% increase in average order value.