Samsung’s Smart TV Gets Serious

Most people who own a Samsung Smart TV don’t actually ever set it up. Maybe it is the lack of third party apps or clunky UI or perhaps mainstream consumers still want a passive viewing experience. Recent announcements from today’s Samsung press conference may just change that.

First of all, there is the hardware. Their newest flagship TV is the F 800 which maxes out at 75 inches. The LED-backlit LCD has a quad-core processor so it has fast performance unlike past smart TVs. Additionally, the UI (connected TVs biggest downfall to date) has a revamp with five panels that you can cycle through offering the various apps and other features.

From a marketing perspective, there are two major developments that are going to alter the TV viewing experience significantly. The first is S-Recommendation which delivers personalized recommendations pulling from Live TV, on-demand content and streaming services. Then there is T-Commerce which allows users to make purchases all through the connected TV experience. To demonstrate, a middle-aged Samsung Exec just purchased Jess’ outfit on Gossip Girl. These development could be monumental for product placements and other strategic partnerships as T-Commerce shortens the purchase funnel significantly.

Boxee Streaming Services Comes To TV Manufacturers

Boxee’s latest features–namely cloud-based DVR and streaming services–can now integrate into Smart TVs without the dedicated Boxee box thanks to a partnership with Sigma. The new development creates a turnkey Boxee bundle, allowing any TV OEM include Smart TV and streaming services directly to their hardware. Stay tuned to see if any major players incorporate the NY company’s technology in the future. 

Gracenote To Bring Personalized TV Ads In 2013

Gracenote is expecting to release a TV targeting platform later this year that would bring a level of precision comparable to online. The new service would support targeting based on gender, income and more by replacing ads run by broadcasters with those picked by Smart TV and set-top box providers. Additionally, there will be more transparent reporting associated as well.