Apple And IBM Invade The Enterprise Market With Mobile Apps

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Nearly six months after striking a partnership deal, Apple and IBM are finally releasing the first batch of ten IBM MobileFirst iOS apps for enterprises, including Citi Bank, Air Canada, Sprint, and Banorte this week. While the apps are clearly focused on specific industries, they’re just the beginning of Apple’s battle for enterprise market. More apps are schedule to debut in 2015, as both Apple and IBM look to push iOS into the business world that’s currently dominated by Windows.

Microsoft To Lay Off Over 18,000 Jobs

Microsoft announced its plan today to “eliminate up to 18,000 jobs” over the next year, with some deep cuts from the businesses it acquired from Nokia. According to the report, about 12,500 of the jobs being eliminated will come from the Nokia groups, or from its overlap at Microsoft. Echoed by recent news that the company has killed off its plans for Nokia Android phones, this huge shake-up seems to indicate Microsoft’s plan to focus on improving its cloud and mobile services instead of wasting their efforts on hardware manufacture. Considering its competitors Apple and IBM are now teaming up to tackle the enterprise IT market that Microsoft currently dominates, such a repositioning could be proven timely in the long run.

Update: Microsoft is also reported to be closing the Xbox Entertainment Studios.

IBM Reports Twitter Drove Zero Percent Of Referral Traffic On Black Friday

Brand’s skepticism for social still runs deep as IBM reported that Twitter delivered 0 percent of referral traffic on Black Friday. Attribution has been something many social media sites are just starting to work towards as they boost their ad products. Facebook, for instance, started dropping cookies to track users beyond clicks in a new program called View tags. It’s no doubt social will improve their conversion rates, but will users really want to spend time on a site that blends sales with social?