iPods in half of cars and car keys for teens

tele09Telematics, like many of our other categories that we cover here at the Emerging Media Lab, is constantly evolving.  Our Mobile and Social Media practice leads see change on an almost daily basis. Telematics/Infotainment, while still new to most, is showing growth and change on a regular pace.  This month I thought it might be more helpful to single-out a few new items rather than focus on an singular topic.

This coming year and beyond will continue to show an expansion of in integration, services and connectivity.  Industry resources show that over 58% of new cars will have iPod connections available from the factory.  Non iPod interface will come by way of a USB interface.  Bluetooth will continue to have a strong presence in the car’s of 2009.  The expanding adoption of this into more cars will take it from 55% to 82% in 2009.  The result will be more cars with Bluetooth and more features available to the consumer. Continue reading “iPods in half of cars and car keys for teens”

Pedestrian devices not so pedestrian anymore

lbsThey say that all politics are local. That it’s all about me..me…me. A unique and interesting example of what I like to call “local me” can be seen in the Personal Navigation Device (PND) and Location Based Services (LBS) world. PND makers are looking for their next playing field–and while the car market still has some legs–the “pedestrian” PND market is now in focus.

In the not too distant future, the two technologies will be working to make your content and search results local and relevant. It is still early in the game but as LBS comes online in a more robust manner, the market expansion for pedestrian devices will surely move quickly. Expectations are that the “pedestrian” segment of the PND market will gain traction towards 2010-2012. In the near future, growth prospects are likely more on the application side than the device side. Until PND’s and “pedestrian” PND’s can step away from a purely utilitarian profile, the adoption will sit with GPS capable phones. Continue reading “Pedestrian devices not so pedestrian anymore”

LBS tries to create real community

lbsLocation Based Services (LBS) seem to be gaining momentum and a certain level of respectability. For the uninitiated, LBS is the leverage of applications/devices that use positioning as a value add to services. This is typically found on mobile phones, Personal Navigation Device’s (PND’s) etc. A recent media report suggests that location based mobile social networking revenue will hit $3.5B by 2013.

Whether we are talking LBS through a mobile phone, PND or through the leveraging of a social media app, there is no question that LBS and the platforms that leverage them will grow to dominate the consumer market place and the attention of marketers. I remember a few years back people complained that the Internet was breeding a generation of isolationist. Kid’s..people… staying home and doing everything from the comfort and security of their PC. Early Social Media sites gave people a virtual place to connect. Sure you could go on ..say, “hello,” share and get to know many people but for me it still removed what I think is a key social attribute …proximity..closeness …real “community.” Continue reading “LBS tries to create real community”