Tom’s Virtual Diner

This is old news and the event’s all over and done, but I thought I’d post a link to some of the neat stuff that’s going on in Second Life. Musician Suzanne Vega, singer of “Tom’s Diner,” performed a live concert in Second Life as part of public radio program The Infinite Mind’s move into the virtual world. Random Trivia: Suzanne is commonly referred to at the “Mother of the MP3” because “Tom’s Diner” was used the song used in several early tests of the MP3 compression format.

Anyway, so, here’s a look at one of the possibilities in Second Life. It’s probably worth mentioning that Coca-Cola has already did a quasi-dive into Second Life with something similar, kind of sponsoring a live music concert by proxy. (For an account of this, check out Hamlet Au’s reporting on it here). And, for all you folks who are hungry (like a wolf) for ’80s music, Duran Duran recently announced that they’ll be creating a virtual presence within Second Life and playing a few live streaming gigs. They haven’t released dates yet, but hopefully the concerts arrive faster than light. Again, this is in Second Life, not on Planet Earth. The girls will be on MPEG-4, not on film. (Deepest apologies to everyone who suffered through my inane song title refrences.)

Another video taken of the event is located after the jump.