Another example of UGC Architected Participation

We continue to see businesses emerge that organize individual's willingness to generate content around thematically cohesive user experiences.  VideoJug offers "how-to" UGC videos, Travelistic offers user generated travel videos.  Two months ago JPG Magazine relaunched and entered the category.  JPG is a user generated photography magazine.  Editors post a theme on the site,  The community submits photographs and votes on submissions.  Editors pick the best submissions to produce a glossy photo mag.  The circ and audience numbers are small but our research has shown that the "fame" of being published is a powerful draw to elicit participation.  Brands can pay to have a theme customized to their brand.  JPG's publishing house, 8020 Publishing, is backed by Halsey Minor and plans to roll out other magazines using this model starting with a travel magazine this summer.