iPhone’s dirty secret

iPhone's dirty secretThe iPhone may soon be the xxxPhone. Time magazine reported this week what many in the adult-content world have long been whispering (or shouting) about: It turns out the iPhone is, according to many in the porn industry, the perfect device for distrubuting adult content. Ease of use, fast Internet connectivity, and a wide touch screen are some of the features which make it desireable to porn users. Whatever it is, the numbers Time cites from Nielsen Mobile can’t be ignored:

“About a third of iPhone users watch video on their phone … nearly 10 times the number that watch video on other cell phones. Three out of four iPhone users are men with above-average incomes, and iPhone users spend heavily on entertainment.”


No surprise then to see adult content providers and Websites jumping on the iPhone bandwagon. Time cites four major players in the adult entertainment industry who are investing millions into expanding porn content for the iPhone.

Apple may not be thrilled about the PR implications, but the mobile marketing community should take note: the porn industry is tapping into a lucrative minefield. While the rest of us may not have such naughty wares, advertisers can learn from the porn industry’s iPhone innovations; someone has to figure out how to best monetize mobile video. That someone might just (once again) be the porn industry.