Jeopardy Live gets it right

Sony's Jeopardy Live for mobile (Sony)I stopped by Sony’s Jeopardy booth at CES to check out the Jeopardy Live mobile game.

Jeopardy Live is a mobile application that allows users at home to play along with the nightly Jeopardy broadcast.  Users download and configure the application based on local broadcast service and HD or standard viewing.  When the game is launched syncs with the show, fires each question at the mobile user as the contestants select the category and clue.  It works seamlessly and really makes the user feel apart of the game show experience with rapid fire trivia answers and questions from the broadcast.  I was surprised several times at the rapid fire pace as I was beat to the buzzer by the television contestants.

This is a great example of an entertainment brand connecting the user experience across multiple screens.  Rather than just encouraging voting and one-off interactions with mobile and internet users during a television program, Jeopardy Live takes the next step and brings the mobile user into real-time game play.  A rep from AirPlay said there are plans to include sponsors or advertisers in transition screens or during commercial breaks.  Most likely, an advertiser will insert a branded mobile page into the application or run a call to action for users to text or call for an offer.

Sony Pictures Television and AirPlay developed the application and Verizon/Alltel, Sprint, AT&T, and US Cellular will be the participating carriers.  Users will pay a monthly fee to subscribe to the game.