Kutcher a ‘katalyst’ for innovation

kutcher_flickrAsthon Kutcher is up to it again with a new web series airing on Facebook’s FunSpace application. The app comes complete with an “On Demand” interface with access to Funspace’s other channels (Kutcher’s Katalyst HQ series currently owns the main stage) and  the ability to forward to all your facebook friends and of course, commenting.

Unique to Katalyst Media’s play here is the first Facebook video series. Like Seth MacFarlane, the innovation is present in the sponsorship or brand integration with the video content and delivery method.  The mandate from their first sponsor, Cheetos, was to  target 18-35 year olds just out of college or getting into the real world; and to develop content that would entertain rather than interrupt.   funspaceappIn this case, the pre-roll ad is actually a precursor to the style and story of the main content.  Yes, it’s clear it’s an ad of some kind, ala Wayne’s World’s cheeky product placement moments. And yes, a tip to brand integration and branded entertainment that’s been around forever, but what I love about this model is that similar to the gaming space, the ad is the content. And the delivery platform, on Facebook, in Funspace is as integrated as you can get into a social media platform well known for it’s ability to kill hours of your life by just exploring and sharing content.

Sending this to a friend will add the “kool” back into your status.  And with a mandate of “entertain rather than interrupt” this type of synergy is very sexy.   It’s a hard concept to get clients to grock, telling your brand’s story in this way…but if the “story” is good and is contextual with the content, you have a winner.

Now it remains to be seen if this series will have any legs.  Another “look at us making fun of ourselves in Hollywood” reality series is not what we all need. But Cheetos, like HBO for Marky Mark‘s “Entourage” are banking on Kutcher’s endless draw…we all want to know and see what’s he’s up to, it’s part of his brand to invite us in to his picture taking, come follow me life. And Katalyst Media’s approach to business is seductive…full of childlike wonder and business smarts.

And I gotta say, I have a hankering for Cheetos.