How games support personalized narratives

How games are supporting personalized narratives (iStock and EA)Column originally featured on MediaPost

Online content, as it becomes increasingly interactive and tailored to the individual, faces a problem: How does it deliver an individual experience and still contribute to a cultural identity?

We have a human need for joint attention. When we see something cool, we point it out to a family member or friend. When we see a movie we really like, we — unprompted by the studio — tell our friends to go see it, too. We crave a shared cultural identity.

We also like personalization. We want content that is tailored to our interests, and the “choose-your-own-adventure” type of storytelling resonates quite well with audiences. We’re especially seeing instances of the latter in gaming. But this concept of personalization seemingly operates against the need for joint attention. So how can the two needs both be satisfied? Social frameworks seem to be key. Read more.