Agency Jess3 Partners with Google For Election Coverage Data Viz

We here at the IPG Media Lab love a good infographic, so here’s a shout out (from 36,000 feet, somewhere over Montana) to our pals over at Jess3 for their on the ground, lightening round graphic creations for Fox News, powered by Google Search.

Their data visualizations were seen in on-air graphics, Google’s Election Center touchscreens, and on stage screens and scrims in the Media Filing Center, where over 1500 reporters filmed their coverage. The Jess3 team also executed hangouts in the Google Politics and Election Google+ page, which pulled in over 11,000 followers over 5 days.

It will be great to see more ways in which real time data trending and visualizations can bring about a more engaging political discourse this election season.

Jess3: From the Campaign Trail: Kicking Off the 2012 Elections with Google in Iowa