Premium TV is about gesture and voice, not 3D.

It is impossible to ignore the wealth of 3DTV being showcased at CES. This might seem like flogging the proverbial dead horse, given that 3DTV has largely failed to take off despite persistent efforts by manufacturers. But 3DTV may well be getting a new lease of life since OEMs have acknowledged that its future is not in premium. Instead, 3DTV”s success will be in going mass.

We saw a TV from LG that turns all TV content into 3D at the click of a switch; we heard Samsung assert its commitment to a 3D content streaming service; and new flagship 3D camcorders will mean a steady trickle of user-generated 3D content. All of this points to an emphasis on access over premium.

The future of premium TV instead lies in TVs that can see, listen and act without the use of a remote gambling control. Samsung revealed a TV with in-built camera; PrimeSense is working on (as yet undisclosed) deals with OEMs to integrate their cameras; and LG has gone for a hybrid solution with its voice and gesture enabled magic remote. The Holy Grail will be to integrate content that can see, listen and act. Xbox Kinect is already there with true interactive TV content for Sesame St and Nat Geo. We expect more of this good stuff to come.