This Is Your Sojolife

Sojolife is a startup with a product designed to form connections at events or any kind of large real-world gathering. Event organizers hand out the little Sojolife gadgets, which are basically special USB keys with wireless communication capabilities. Each one has a unique ID number, and they do not store personally identifiable information. When people at the event meet each other, they can simply tap their gadgets together and the gadgets record the interaction.

When they get home, they plug the gadget into their USB port and go to the Sojolife site. There, on an opt-in basis, they can identify themselves and add as much or as little contact information as they want. They can then see the people who they’ve tapped, arranged in a handy timeline, and if those people have also opt-ed in, they can see their contact information and reach out.

Below is a video of a company representative here at the SXSW trade show explaining the product: