Quantified Lab

Here at the lab, we walk about data a lot and we talk about social a lot. And we have gadgets from FitBit and Withings that socially share data. So we’ve been inspired to see if we can expand that concept a bit. An initial step was our setup of Botanicalls, which inaugurated our tweeting plant. Since then, we’ve hooked in to vendors such as Immersive Labs and InMotion to post to our Quantified Self Twitter feed. Below you can see a couple examples of lab data that is being tweeted out automatically on a regular basis:

It’s become a bit of an interesting extension of our Quantified Self theme, except instead of gadgets tracking an individual person’s activity, we have interesting technologies tracking the activity of the lab itself. Thus the concept “Quantified Lab.”

So follow the twitter feed: http://twitter.com/Quantified_Self  and keep an eye out for many more interesting lab stats.