Stupeflix: User-Friendly Web-Based Video-Creation

I know there is typically no hyphen between “video” and “creation”, but hey, I was on a roll.

This afternoon we played around with the web tool of Stupeflix, a Paris-based company that is forging new ground in user-generated content creation. Using their web-app, I was able to create a snappy photo-montage video in about 10 minutes. You can pick one of their pre-defined templates (I picked “scrapbook”). It lets you upload your own soundtrack or choose from their royalty-free options. You can also upload your own videos into the tool, which it plays as part of the slideshow.

Creating the video was very fast, and would have been even faster if I’d just pulled in pictures from Facebook or instagram rather than digging on our server for CES pictures. Stupeflix recently was included in a Google-curated selection of web-apps for their Chromebooks aimed at the educational market.

Check out our video here!