The Amazon Locker Experience

Here at the Lab, we like to kick the tires of new technologies to get a feeling for what the real end-user experience is. Based on our findings we can keep our fingers on the pulse of industry trends, ideate new uses of these technologies and new ways for marketers to reach audiences.

To this end, we recently gave Amazon Locker a try. Here was our experience:

1) We chose a nearby locker and chose it as a shipping address

2) When the package was delivered, we got an e-mail with a pick-up code


3) We found the lockers at a parking garage

4) We entered our code

5) A box popped open

6) And viola! Our package was there


Overall I’d say the experience was actually pretty smooth and enjoyable. The main drawback was the rain in between the office and the locker.

Also, one thing to remember about this service is that you can only use it for Amazon purchases. Meanwhile companies like BufferBox (recently purchasedby Google) are working on a version of this concept that is more like a real P.O. Box.