The Oculus Rift: Kickstarter Rears Its Head At CES

The Oculus Rift brings everything you would expect to see at CES. Its Virtual Reality experience is “a shock to your system” as users strap on ski mask-like googles and enter into an immersive space that can be controlled through head movement or a gaming controller. It’s high-tech, awe-inspiring, novel and likely prohibitively expensive and impractical for everyday use. But here’s something different. The Oculus Rift actually originally started as a Kickstarter project. The crowdsourced funding platform has fueled plenty of innovation that have moved beyond pet projects to something real. The Oculus Rift is something you can actually buy and it’s debuting at one of the largest tech shows in the world. Stay tuned for more Kickstarter projects reaching the exhibit floor as our coverage continues.