Vine Steps Out At Fashion Week

Vine is making a big impact at New York Fashion Week. Reporters, attendees, and socialites are all taking to the app and exploring new ways to share and report back on their experiences at the events. Though Instagram was universally embraced last year, Vine is currently far and away the in-vogue app of choice this season. The functionality of the app makes it very well suited to reporting on the proceedings: several media editors have been using the app to take and edit videos of multiple looks over the looped segment, giving viewers a unique perspective on the clothes in moving, living color. It provides viewers with a better conception of the clothes than Instagram, which obviously doesn’t capture movement. At the same time, using Instagram would require more time to edit multiple photographs of different models and looks, as opposed to Vine which can point and shoot a loop of many models simultaneously. 

Beyond reporters, designers and retailers are utilizing the app to provide viewers with privileged views into the backstage. Some examples include designers showing video of modeling auditions to allow viewers to help pick the models, or showing the stages and rehearsals in progress. In all, it will be interesting to see how the fallout from this new-found use of the app shapes its future as a journalistic and social medium.