Mobile Marketing Wins

On Tuesday at the Mobile World Congress a panel of visionary marketers shared some of their winning mobile brand strategies with the large gathered crowd. The highlights included:

  • Recently Unilever launched a very interesting campaign for their Active Wheel brand in India. Their research had shown that many Indians, particularly in rural areas, will call someone and then hang up before the person answers. This shows up as a Missed Call for the recipient, who can then call them back. The advantage is that if the call goes to voicemail, the caller incurs usage charges. While this may seem like a small savings, it really adds up for less affluent consumers in these regions. In the Wheel campaign, consumers could call a toll-free number and then hang up, as they would a regular person they were trying to call. They would then receive a call back with a recording of a popular Indian celebrity sharing a funny story. The campaign was very successful in boosting awareness of and affinity for the brand.
  • KLM held a social/mobile campaign, where they monitored Twitter for mentions of the brand. When they saw someone had tweeted that they were at the airport about to fly KLM, they were able to identify the customer, get down to the gate and give them a bon voyage gift, documenting this on their own properties.
  • Mondelez’s Oreo brand launched a fun mobile game called Twist Lick Dunk. Besides catching on with consumers and generating big overall download numbers, the brand included in-game purchases of specially shaped Oreos that could be used in the game. They also were able to add advertising into the game and collect rev share dollars from that as well.