American Express Turns E-Commerce Into TV Commerce

In an attempt to monetize the “Second Screen” phenomenon, American Express is making the marketing dream of “buying Rachel Green’s sweater” a reality. AmEx partnered with NBC Universal and News Corp and has already tested plans to let people purchase items “inspired by” NBC Universal outfits while the programs are airing. At Fox, the new Fox Now iPad app allows users to shop in real time while watching “New Girl” for an item on the show made available for sale. AmEx cardholders would receive $35 back when using their cards synced with Facebook and Twitter as part of the initiative.

The program works through an App called Zeebox, a social-TV app that lets users converse in real time with friends watching the same show, or follow related Twitter and Facebook feeds, and aims to start, much like the “New Girl” specials, with specific, novelty items displayed on air. This is but one part of television’s attempt to keep pace with shifting demographics and technology’s rapidly-expanding influence on the entertainment industry – expect efforts of this nature to continue to take effect as the second-screen phenomenon becomes more widespread.