Tablets Beat Smartphones In Ad Clicks

As the tablet industry expands, so too has tablet advertising. Indeed, Mobile ad-buying platform Adfonic found that tablets’ share of mobile ads increased from 9% in Q2 2012 to 14% by the end of Q4. Noting this surge in market share, Adfonic examined the performance of tablets vs smartphones, and found that branding campaigns garnered 250% higher clickthrough rates on tablets vs smartphones. Even direct response campaigns performed better, but without as high a margin. However, the legal and automotive industries got fewer clicks on tablets, but the worst performers on tablets were goods and retail. One explanation for these numbers is that consumers artificially bump numbers up on new mediums, and that that’s what we’re experiencing at the moment. More time and data will be needed to solidify these extrapolations, but for the moment tablets are a genuine advertising force to be reckoned with.