Twitter #Music App Launches

After a week’s worth of teasing, the Twitter music app finally launched. A service for both discovery and streaming, it’s now available at, as well as in the iOS app store; of yet there is no Android app. #Music is based around a recommendation engine that pulls data from across Twitter and your followers to offer recommendations from the catalogs of iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio. Of primary importance is the Trending chart, which allows you to view – and listen to via iTunes Preview, Spotify, or Rdio – the top trending songs on Twitter. As well, there are Emerging, Suggested, and Now Playing tabs; Emerging takes data from all of Twitter to identify up-and-coming new artists, while Suggested recommends music based on who you follow, and Now Playing takes stock of the music being played at that instant by the people you follow. Listening to the songs is straight forward as well, just log in with any of the previously mentioned services and you should be able to listen to full songs in the app. You can, however, click the iTunes button and be taken to the iTunes Store to purchase the song. How well this catches remains to be seen, but what is definite at the moment is that you’ll soon get to know how good your followers’ taste in music really is.