Path is Adding 1 Million Users Per Week

You’d be surprised (or maybe not) about how far reaching the data you put on the internet is.  With more and more social media users becoming concerned about the far-reaching impact of what they post online, privacy-concerned services have been springing up to counter the progressively greater exposure provided by social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.  One such service is Path, which has been around for some time, but has just recently reached a milestone statistic: after taking 3 years to collect 6 million users, the service is now adding 1 million new users per week.  This major jump came thanks to an update that added private messaging, which proved popular in many areas of South and Central America. Now the service is making significant headway in major American markets.  Only time will tell if the service’s hard limit of 150 “friends” per account will usher in a new, more personal age of social media, or if it will spell the doom of the service altogether by preventing scaling.