YouTube To Host Live Music Awards

It’s certainly the age of awards, and why shouldn’t YouTube have their own? To crown its newly-minted digital music video domain, the YouTube Music Awards will take place on November 3rd, and will livestream globally at 6pm EST. Kia has sponsored the 90 minute event, which will only be available on the Google-owned service. It will he hosted at Pier 36 in New York, and artists will be nominated based on views, likes, and shares of videos. After the nominees and award categories are announced, viewers will vote for who they want to win. Artists performing at the event include Lady Gaga and Eminem, and it will also feature broadcasted concerts from London, Moscow, Seoul, and a TBD city in Brazil. YouTUbe even brought in Spike Jonze as creative director. It’s a big step in how YouTube supports and showcases artists on the platform, and could mark the real beginning of YouTube’s digital network dominance over traditional mediums.