Oculus Rift & Thalmic’s Myo Could Dominate VR Gaming

Gamers are, at this point, probably at least familiar with the Oculus Rift, the virtual reality headset that has put users into the reality of the game. Thalmic’s Myo Armband, however, is a little bit more under the radar – it’s an armband that detects the motion and muscle utilization of the arm to enable true gesture control for a multitude of devices, whether it be flying a drone or shooting a gun in a game. The two are only now being mentioned in the same breath because they’re two of the leading VR and gesture control devices, and are now making noises about merging. Spark Capital, an investment group, now has stake in both companies, and those involved say that that’s not a coincidence, as Spark is trying to make a genuine partnership happen. More independently, both companies are well aware of each other and have apparently been emailing back and forth about potential partnerships. Moral of the story: a combination of the two VR and gesture platforms could have massive implications, from gaming and beyond, and this potential isn’t lost on either company.