Klout Evolves Into Content Creation Platform

Klout, best known for telling users how much influence they had across social media, is evolving to tell you how you’re influential, why you’re influential, and how you can improve. Though Klout’s score was intended to be used to help people become more effective on social media, most people have just been using it as a barometer for their success, simply asking, “how can I raise my Klout score?” Now, the emphasis is no longer on your score but how you can create and share relevant, engaging content designed for your audience. The Create section acts like a news feed of engaging content that Klout thinks would be good to share with your followers – and would likely also increase your Klout score. It’s a powerful addition to the already-popular social media outlet, and it’s one that might be able to take Klout from just a score to a full-scale content publishing medium.