Two-Thirds Of Americans Own Smartphones

According to Nielsen, America is officially a smartphone nation. Their Digital Consumer Report states that 65% of all Americans owned a smartphone in 2013, a big step up from 44% in 2011. Indeed, smartphones are now more common than gaming consoles and digital cable, which clock in at 46% and 54%, respectively. What’s more, the average American has four devices, and 29% of them have tablets, up from just 5% two years ago. This shift has broad implications for how Americans are spending their time; they spent 34 hours per month on mobile apps and browsers, as opposed to 27 hours on computers. As expected, mobile social networking is blossoming whilst PC-based social networking is on the decline. So although smartphones aren’t as widespread as TV’s at this point, they’re certainly trending that way, and are a mainstay in public consciousness.