Roku Cross-Platform Streaming Stick Drops To $50

In late 2012, Roku announced its first Streaming Stick. Priced at $99, it only worked with Roku-Ready TV’s. Not surprisingly, it didn’t sell very well, with limited use-cases and few ways for consumers to connect with the device. For the 2014 release, however, Roku made sure to develop a much improved product. It works via standard HDMI, and it comes pre-packaged with a remote. For a $50 price point, it’s $15 more expensive than Google’s Chromecast, but practically speaking it’s nestled in the same range. For that extra $15 you get many more content sources: PBS, Showtime, and over 1,000 niche programming channels have partnered with Roku. The Stick also ships with Roku’s proprietary apps, and from a design perspective, it shifts the universal search function to the forefront of the user experience. This April, cordcutters have yet another way to distance themselves from traditional cable packages, and Roku is making the shift easier and easier.