SXSW 2014: Being Social With Grandma

During SXSW last month AARP is leveraging both the education of important content around the ACA and the connective history and faith-based initiative for Black Community to create and develop social, mobile, and digital activity as well as brand loyalty for the AARP brands and partners.

Using social media and mobile to educate on ACA. They actually turned a stereotype on its head in nudging 50+ users to educate Gen Xers and Millennials on the affordable care act. This effectively made the 50+ to influencers on a important topic to both parents and kids in medium where they are mostly non power users.


The program was done in English and Spanish and got a 16% engagement rate with  67% of mom’s comments with kids happening on social media.

See more on this at mom means it and at the AARP ACA site here

The success led into more socially infused programs like the new YouTube and TV spots for “You don’t know AARP” aimed at making the 70+ crowd more digitally fit an through their new program AARPTEK that leads with a Twitter hash tag of #loved.

See the video below or see it on You tube here

All in all it was great seeing that even late adopters and the brands that serve them, are doing very unique things with digital and social mediums and talking about it at SXSW.