The Trigger+ Alex Carusillo, Chartbeat

Alex Carusillo, Advertising Product Specialist, Chartbeat


At the Lab, we continue to explore new proxies for attention. From eyetracking to emotional recognition and biometric testing, we are set on determining better ways to measure engagement. While these technologies are more fit for a Lab environment, Chartbeat has pushed the boundaries of today’s web. By taking a more nuanced look at online behavior and time, Chartbeat is giving publishers and advertisers more transparency and insight into ad performance. Plus their dashboards look pretty slick.


You often have to take impressions and clicks with a grain of salt and Chartbeat couldn’t agree more. The web analytics provider is looking to move beyond impressions and clicks to give publishers and advertisers more sophisticated performance metrics. They are looking at “Engaged Time” and “Active Exposure” which checks in with visitors’ browsers every second to track their behaviors like scrolling or navigating. They also have some pretty interesting research that suggests that 66% of “Engaged Time” on websites occurs when viewers are looking below the fold, contrary to what the traditional pricing model might suggest. These findings and their ad sales products help publishers determine exactly how to maximize sales opportunities across their pages, and back those sales up with data.


Location: New York, NY

Founded: 2009

Employees: 50

Funding: $13.5M (Crunchbase)