Android Dominates Global Market; iOS Controls Western World

In a confirmation of what many have already believed to be true, dotMobi released a new report indicating that although iOS tends to dominate the western world, on a global scale Android is outpacing the Apple mobile platform – as far as mobile browsing goes. The company gathered the data by sifting through mobile site views and their locations. The final tally? iOS services control browsing in 34 countries, including the major Western markets of US, UK, Canada, France, and Japan, while Android controls the remaining 67 nations that dotMobi was tracking. The other important conclusion to draw from this data is that there is a veritable global duopoly of mobile operating systems; that is to say BlackBerry, Windows phones, and others barely register in the study. Good news for Apple and Google, but for advertisers, it means that products geared toward mobile OS’s that aren’t iOS and Android aren’t going to be as valuable.