New Study of Millennials Shows Coke Zero Is Refreshing, Delicious


A new study by the Millennials Research Forum (MRF) has proven to a high degree of statistical significance that Coke Zero is refreshing and delicious. Over 65% of those surveyed, who were “digital natives”, indicated that the taste of Coke Zero was “just as great as” Coca-Cola Classic and were “amazed” that the beverage had zero calories. Another 30% also rated Coke Zero as being “refreshing” but were not as amazed to learn it had zero calories because “Zero” is in the name.

In terms of refreshment, 82.4% of Millennial smartphone users who shop with their phones weekly found Coke Zero to be “refreshing” while another 10.2% described it as being “delightful.”

Perhaps the most overwhelming result of the study came when those participating young adults who have made a digital content purchase in the last 12 months and were thirsty before consuming a Coke Zero were subsequently asked if they were still thirsty. A full 81% said they were no longer thirsty while another 18.5% said they were “not as thirsty but still kinda thirsty.”