DSTRUX Is Snapchat For Everything

Consumers are slowly changing their stance on personal privacy and control over their data. This is most evidenced by apps like Snapchat, that offer at least the illusion of privacy by telling users that their messages will be destroyed upon receipt. The latest iteration of privacy-oriented startups comes by way of DSTRUX, a New York based startup that offers a cloud-based piece of software that lets you send a document and then destroy it remotely. So for instance, if you want to send a friend a rough draft of a word document, you can send it over and after they give you feedback, you can destroy their copy. At the same time, DSTRUX makes it impossible to take screenshots of the images, and the company is working to leverage computer cameras to see if recipients are taking pictures with their mobile phones. The success of the startup thus far speaks to an increased level of scrutiny on the part of consumers; as we continue to learn more about how data is exploitable on the Internet, people are becoming more and more careful about how they let others access their files.