Driving Curve Is An Entry Level Car Tracker

The connected car is a thing of the present – not the future. Already, news-making apps like Automatic and Dash have promised to keep track of cars and driving habits, uploading statics and data to the web. Those apps, though, generally work through Bluetooth on-board devices that leverage ports in the car under the steering wheel. Driving Curve, the latest iteration of these connected car apps, wants to bring the benefits of quantized driving experiences to non-tech-savvy users by removing the plug-in adapter feature found with many other car trackers. Instead, Driving Curve utilizes data from GPS satellites and the iPhone’s motion sensors to keep track of acceleration information, braking speed, fuel usage, and the distance of the route. Driving Curve’s founders have said that they’re open to monetization of the platform, and are presently looking to partner with brands and companies who will leverage the data they collect in meaningful ways. As of yet, they’re looking to turn driving into a gamified activity, awarding points for safe driving in comparison to other users. And, you have to be connected to the Internet to get the most out of the app: it’ll only work with wifi. Nonetheless, it’s a great way to take some of the technological barriers out of the way of the era of the connected, quantified car experience.