inMarket & Epicurious Launch In-Store Beacon Network

The Beacon ecosystem is beginning to take shape as brands, advertisers, and retailers realize the value thy can offer – from both a research and a financial perspective. inMarket is acting as the conduit between venues and apps–the two necessary players in the Beacon space to enable proximity based messaging. Now Epicurious, one of the most popular cooking and recipe apps, is part of their network which plans to expand to 30,000 beacons in grocery stores across the nation. Users who have downloaded the Epicurious app on iOS will be shown information on deals for partner products – and will also be tracked in-store to get a sense of where users are in the space, where the footpaths are, and so forth. It’s not unfathomable to imagine users getting notifications when they’re inside an inMarket retail location, as well as discounts on recipes users have bookmarked. Though none of the specific details on how the app might function have been disclosed yet, the move pushes inMarket and Epicurious to the forefront of the beacon and consumer analysis space.