Time Warner Cable Will Sell Streaming Fan TV Box

Last summer Fanhattan showcased a Fan TV box that would put cable TV in direct competition with Internet streaming services, while simultaneously allowing cable TV providers to sell the box itself. Now, Fanhattan has officially found a partner in Time Warner Cable, who will sell their streaming boxes for $99 to subscribers – and they’re already available for pre-order. The box will have live TV and video on-demand streaming from TWC, plus services like Redbox Instant, Target Ticket, Crackle, and Rhapsody. There are more plans to add services over time, but for now the big names like Netflix and Amazon have been left off of the list. Those omissions will allow some breathing room for Roku, Apple TV, and the Amazon Fire TV, but it seems likely that Time Warner will try to break into the cordcutter market as swiftly as possible to keep its customers paying for cable.